What does Blog Photo Smearing mean?

Blog Photo Smearing meaning in Urban Dictionary

weblog picture Smearing is when one website steals a photo from another after which ruins the image by placing their web address all over the picture. Since the Smearing web site never ever took the initial photo, nor performed they shell out the dough; they will have no ownership liberties across photo. But by smearing the photo using their web site; then they succeed look like they were initial ones to create the image on line. The greatest problem with smearing is people use these photos to make custom Wallpaper for Computers and cellular phones. When many different the websites take equivalent image and smear it, that picture will be made worthless for Wallpaper. The second biggest problem with this specific is each site resizes the image to fit their own private requirements. This then causes quality problems, because each website is showing an unusual Scaled-Up or Scaled-Down version of the same photo. A whole lot worse, some Celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton take pictures after which smear these with entirely unfunny and totally ineffective commentary. Making Wallpaper creation impossible. Examples of this is seen at some of the Celebrity Image weblog internet sites.