What does Blog Brad Pitt mean?

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Whether a professional or amature; a Blog Brad Pitt or BBP is somebody who is by themselves extremely ugly, but decides to indicate all flaws various other men and women. A typical example of a BBP is Perez Hilton; who is a celebrity writer that writes unfunny opinions over star photos. Perez himself is extremely unsightly, but he blogs in regards to the defects; also minor flaws, of a-listers. He can highlight the tiniest of lines and wrinkles or pouches of surplus fat, which just furthers the impossible standard of beauty that both men and women tend to be forced to handle every day. Therefore a Blog Brad Pitt makes foolish, inconsiderate feedback about another person's appearance, if they have actually no place near a Brad Pitt-Type model appearance. Many, if you don't each one of these opinions manufactured online through Blogs and Community forums; in which an individual may bash some other person from securely behind a pc display screen.