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Verb - To fabricate the illusion that what you are actually selling is much better than it truly is. A phrase devised by a landlord in a feeble make an effort to advertise their basement apartment at a higher rate than its actual value. Usually the first red-flag you are about to be swindled. Noun1. a previously unfinished (or demolished) cellar of a building, warehouse, factory, or home, made over into a stylish living space but which retains aspects of the original area and function.2. any transformed or adjusted below-grade space that features high enough ceilings and enough natural light that the citizen performers or performers, gallery curator or manager and their clients could possibly forget they truly are residing working or fast asleep underground.3. an incredible and appropriate cellar apartment featuring heated polished tangible floors, cup block walls, exposed stone basis wall surface, sunken soaker tub.Verb1. To produce a living area into the cellar of one's residence that is therefore costly and luxurious that you want going down and live in it yourself, but you cannot manage it.Origin:2010; E compound development basement + loft (n.), See loft