What does Block Diagram mean?

Block Diagram meaning in Law Dictionary

combination of lines and shapes that represent a procedure and relations because process. It could show exactly how something works and relevant information on it.

Block Diagram meaning in Business Dictionary

structure of different shapes and lines showing the way the aspects of an application, procedure, or system are regarding, and rely upon, each other. It could in addition show the way the system works, what exactly are its inputs and outputs at numerous phases, and how the power, information, and/or materials circulation through it.

Block Diagram meaning in General Dictionary

a diagram showing the interconnections involving the aspects of system (especially a digital system)

Block Diagram meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A block diagram is a visual representation of how elements of an object relate solely to one another and work together. It is known these types of because blocks are acclimatized to portray each little bit of the design, with outlines among them to exhibit their respective interactions.