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officially referred to as War3pub, Blizzpub is an extremely terrible Blizzard wanna-be fansite that got popular as it ended up being your home for Warez copies of Warcraft 3 beta, however it however lingers on these days although it stopped having Warez upon it way back when runs on not as much as 10percent of the original traffic. Today the headquarters of some really awful warcraft guilds from the server Deathwing, the website is for terribads, permanoobs and sad, pathetic those with boring lives.Attempts to really make the site interesting consist of tragically idiotic attempts to copycat SomethingAwful.com except without any such thing funny or worthwhile regarding whole site anyway.Basically, it really is a retarded site for jerks and in case it passed away tomorrow no person would care considering how fail your website is. No actually, cannot get indeed there. Thumbs down.