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Pink egg Pokemon, evolved type of Chansey. Also called the fat green blob/whore/bitch. Hated by many people noobish and scrubby players just because Blissey is the better unique container in competitive Pokemon. Those have really frustrated when a Blissey tanks all their assaults from likes of Alakazam, Jolteon, Starmie and basically everyone who utilizes unique assaults.However, while Blissey is queen at using special hits, she dies VERY FAST to physical attacks. So, to all you whiners and haters, please bring on a difficult hitting real attacking Pokemon which means you don't have to be concerned about Blissey. It is actuallyn't very hard, you understand. In addition, Blissey's offense sucks; make use of that! A bitchy egg that gets effortlessly had by every little thing but noobs always clause it. Some idiots utilize it yet still always clause it for some reason. It is one of the bad creatures that form the terrible skarmbliss combination. Get completely raped by 50 % of those things regarding the existing metagame since it completely sucks.