What does Bling Fashion mean?

Bling Fashion meaning in Urban Dictionary

Bling fashion for vehicles signifies vehicle alterations that aren't overall performance oriented.It could feature plenty of shiny stuff, like:big chrome rimsbullethole stickers regarding the paintArcade online game speakers on the hornstube or ledlights beneath the vehicle and hoodchrome bumpers and exhaust tipsChrome or Chromed synthetic dishes as motor coversShaded windowsLed light radio antenna tipsNeon ring around bass woofersColored inside LED lightModified exhaustpipe for noiseUsually noisy, but crappy woofers in trunkFor clothes bling manner could consist of:Big golden stores and necklacesloose t-shirts and shortshead bandanna or sweatbandwhite recreation shoesbig shiny watches with interior clockdesign of a $20 watchUsual customers of bling style tend to be niggers and wiggers.