What does Blinding the dolphin mean?

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Having a wank across railing regarding the watercraft so you jizz into the water.Originally "Blinding the dolphin" was a classic ancient pirate sport, because they consumed most rum and had been horny, but didn't want to have pirate bum intercourse if there weren't any wenches to plough like a cornfield.They decided it will be far better just give on their own the old reasonable five, in good ol' fashioned pirate custom, had been intoxicated together with enjoyable with-it, along with a competition to see which could unload a love shot into a jumping dolphin's lips.but due to the Charlie Sheen like condition one pirate was at, he ended up jizz blinding a dolphin, and so the activity developed into this turbo event.Nowadays, seeing that it really is unlawful to jizz in a dolphin's eye as PETA will cry stinky rips, soak their hands in Kerosene and fist screw by themselves within the butt, the expression is now used to show the game of wanking to the water to avoid a cum-based sealant into the bathroom at sea.