What does Blind Brook mean?

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A small college which located in East of Westchester (in Rye Brook), this is certainly 95percent white. Mostly consists of JAPs, and rich snobby those who have understood both permanently and are extremely exclusive. Most people in Rye Brook tend to be unoriginal, and appears identical.Middle School is terrible because every week-end comprises of bar or bat mitzvahs, and the overnight everybody wears exactly the same sweatshirts to boast exactly how "popular" they truly are.The JAPs are incredibly skillful at perhaps not branching down and that can easily be present in clusters anywhere you go.Additionally, every person visits equivalent sleep away camps over summers, then would go to teen trips...(however with the exact same individuals they went along to camp with!)High School is full of overachievers, which enter great colleges through costly tutoring.Blind Brook men and women frequently go to Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Syracuse, Penn State (everyone visits exactly the same schools, with similar friends, and continues indeed there same life.....boring!)If you wanna adjust into this way of life, this is basically the place for you.