What does Blikaspaai mean?

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An Afrikaans game comparable to hide-and-seek. People sits in "den" which can be a sealed tin filled with pebbles put into the centre of a drawn group. He counts to 100 and then tries to find the various other people. When he locates them he shouts "Bikaspaai vir (for)" and pals title and in which he is hiding. The individual which was "on" must then run back again to the group and kick the tin away. The friend that was discovered must then run and recover the tin and place it back onto it's place. While he performs this the person who ended up being on goes to hide. The one who had been caught is now on and that can only begin to choose men and women once the tin was gone back to the center of the circle. During online game players can also kick the tin away while screaming "Blikaspaaaaaiii!". Thus giving people time for you discover a significantly better hiding destination since the one who is "on" can just only search after they replace the tin in the center of group.