What does Blick mean?

Blick - German to English

view of the area

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  • view on the garden
  • pool view
  • view on the pond
  • view of the hills
  • view onto the mountains
  • view associated with the town
  • view onto the water
  • eyebeam [archaic]
  • attention [act of looking]
  • batting attention
  • eye for detail
  • gander [coll.] [look, look]
  • glimpse
  • appearance
  • cutaway view
  • upward glance
  • regard [look, look]
  • sight
  • vista
  • look ahead
  • sideglance
  • searching to the near future
  • expression [look within one's eyes]
  • view [prospect, sight]
  • vantage (point) [also fig.]
  • glance
  • flash [glimpse]
  • eyesight [e.g. prophetic sight]
  • view within the area

Sentence Examples with the word Blick

BLEAK, or Blick (Alburnus lucidus), a small fish of the Cyprinid family, allied to the bream and the minnow, but with a more elongate body, resembling a sardine.

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