What does Blepharoptosis mean?

Blepharoptosis meaning in Medical Dictionary

an abnormal, low-lying top eyelid margin. Sagging eyelids might occur on both edges (bilateral) or using one side just (unilateral), in which particular case it is easier observed. Congenital ptosis is eyelid drooping that's current at beginning; with regards to develops later on, its referred to as obtained ptosis. Blepharoptosis are barely noticeable or quite prominent. Some sagging of the skin and connective areas does occur during the regular aging process, possibly resulting in drooping of eyelids. Other notable causes consist of conditions that impact the muscles and nerves of the eyelid as well as conditions that impact the skin and connective tissues of this eyelid.

Blepharoptosis meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A condition where top eyelid is droopy