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Blegg is a slang term familiar with refer to a burger with blue mozzarella cheese and an egg.The phrase is within common use in Sheffield and originated in Relish restaurant.u000du000au000du000aIt really is a Noun a Surname of English beginning 1 BLAGG decided to go to Tasmania Australian Continent in 1841 courtesy of the English governing bodies 7 to 14 12 months "holiday" system he previously 9 kiddies but nevertheless the family is little when compared with other families. When their young ones had been born they had the name BLEGG maybe not BLAGG he passed away as BLEGG.Hence BLEGG is a Surname, or household name.Nicknames are Bleggy, Bleggsy, Bleggels, and also for the sports minded Bleggski. It's nothing at all to do with the first B and also the surname Legg such as BLeggu000du000au000du000aSomeone whose as well as legs seemed fused together