What does Bleese mean?

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Bleese is a creature who lurks on vapor, he/she/it is normally on status of online and rarely/never plays games. If he/she/it is on a-game it's going to be Team Fortress 2/Arma 2.Bleese can also be recognized for being an internet Troll. Bleese is excellent at trolling folks (example forums, Games.) he/she/it can be proficient at abusing his administrative capabilities (if provided any). One of his victims in trolling is Anbu of Ebony OP.Bleese is also capable love a number of his victims (Puggy). He reveals numerous signs and symptoms of affections toward people he/she/it falls in deep love with. One supbject could be in deep love with Bleese previously.Bleese's gender is unidentified, but it is said that he's a trisexual alien from Uranus.to sum up,Bleese is a internet Troll who is able to love his victims.