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title Bleddyn is a Welsh child's title pronounced Ble-thin. It has been translated as meaning wolf-hero, boy of little wolf and/or strong wolf.Bleddyns tend to be fantastic men and women. Their own title reflects their unique characters. A Bleddyn is a youthful, vibrant, athletic, smart and passionate individual. Not forgetting, very sexy.A Bleddyn is a very large man, giving to all or any who require his help. Bleddyns are dedicated partners and fiercely devoted buddies.Bleddyns live life into the fullest without any regrets, using nothing for issued. These are generally cherished by all which understand them.The globe requires more Bleddyns...people that will truly replace the world for top level!

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Wolf hero.
Name Origin: Welsh
Name Gender: Male

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Bernard himself initiated this policy by building a castle at Talgarth on the Upper Wye, but in 1091 he moved southwards, defeated the regulus of Brycheiniog, Bleddyn ab Maenarch, and his brother-in-law Rhys ap Tewdwr, the prince of south-west Wales, and with materials obtained from the Roman fort of Caer Bannau, built a castle at Brecon, which he made his caput baroniae.

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