What does Blazing the Chester mean?

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This slang phrase refers to the act of smoking a puffed Cheeto like it had been a cigar or burning the broken item in a pipe, generally made from aluminum foil. Smoking Cheetos for a prolonged amount of time will produce a mild large, as a result of the fumes circulated from the additives found in the "orange dust". A consensus those types of known commonly as "The Chester Club" is smoking exactly 200 puffed Cheetos will yield a "high" for about five seconds. The high is said to include amnesia, unconsciousness, and complete unresponsiveness to external stimuli. Common among those who blaze the chester may be the quantity "200". They do say "also hunnit er'day" to point they partake of "that good chedda". Inspite of the rise in popularity of smoking two hundred pieces to experience a higher, smoking regarding a sizable pipe generally a "peace pipe" manufactured from aluminum foil is more effective. This technique involves putting and igniting a cheeto into the end associated with the pipeline. The smoke is inhaled only as the cheeto is ablaze. Participants for this task frequently put on caps which have ear flaps, and modify them to truly have the flaps stick outwards from the mind. These caps are known as "Chester Hats". Blazing the Chester originated in northwestern Illinois from a team of young adults by a fire with simply Cheeto puffs and imagination. To this day, people still "Blaze the Chester" and might relate to it as "Chasin' the cheetah", "Crankin' da oranj in da tin", and "Tokin' that good chedda".