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mom of vodkas.Hint: cannot give to anyone in age 16.It may cause them to sing loudly and leap regarding the living-room and go squintly out your door and deny being drunk. Although it is a favorite Ebony Vodka alcohol drink, the term 'BlaVod' is employed an individual goes crazy after drinking some BlaVod BlaVod: brought in vodka from England to San Francisco. Which should tell you if sucks. From bad teeth to AIDS and "open thoughts", this vodka is going to offer you a hangover when you have any solid amount. Take care of a screwdriver? Not using this, this will switch your OJ green and also make it incredibly unattractive to other people. Unless the main point is to slip it someplace like in a cola bottle, supplement water xxx, or just about any other dark beverage, this stuff is low-quality nonetheless it will bring you a 1.75L for inexpensive.