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a Blankenhorny debate is a disagreement without rational foundation or without any TRUSTWORTHY basics at all, merely predicated on private believe or hearsay or THE INTERNET plus 99percent total crap. A Blankenhorny person is an individual who believes he is an expert on somethin though he's absolutely no reverences, does not have any analysis done on the topic aside from searching a little bit in the internet and talking-to many people and now declares himself a professional and wants others to aknowledge their expertice.a Blankenhorny individual will simply keep stating his believes as truth over and over again when somebody attempts to proves him wron he will simply argue that he does not need to truly PROVE just what he is saying, that it's just right and therefore other folks said likewise though he can't remember which, nor the precise wording nor just about any proof. but that the research is there and then we simply will not admit it.nevertheless any contradicting proof are only becoming dismissed as "I've never heard of these types of debate and it would amaze me if it really had been real, that I still find itn't"the phrase Blankenhorny dates back to David Blankenhorn who had been "expert" whitness into the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger test whyle completely neglecting to show any expertice, having any reverences or even did any correct analysis or any peer-reviewed analysis AT ALL.