What does Blank mean?

Blank meaning in General Dictionary

to produce void to annul

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  • Any void space a void space on paper or in any written instrument an interval void of consciousness action result etc a void
  • without comprehension
  • not faced with a bullet
  • (of a surface) maybe not written or printed on
  • keep the opposing (baseball) team from winning
  • total and absolute
  • a blank personality always separate successive terms on paper or printing
  • a blank space or lacking part
  • a bit of product prepared be made into anything
  • a cartridge containing an explosive charge but no round
  • Of a white or pale color; without color.
  • free of writing, printing, or markings; having a clear area becoming filled in with a few special writing; -- said of checks, formal papers, etc.; since, blank paper; a blank check; an empty ballot.
  • Utterly confounded or discomfited.
  • bare; void; without outcome; fruitless; since, a blank room; a blank time.
  • Lacking traits which give variety; since, a blank desert; an empty wall; destitute of interests, affections, hopes, etc.; since, to live a blank presence; destitute of sensations; because, blank unconsciousness.
  • poor cartoon and intelligence, or their particular connected faculties, as appearance of face, look, etc.; expressionless; vacant.
  • Absolute; downright; unmixed; since, blank horror.
  • Any void room; a void space written down, or in any written instrument; a period void of awareness, action, result, etc; a void.
  • plenty where there's nothing gained; a ticket in a lottery on which no award is suggested.
  • A paper unwritten; a paper without markings or characters a blank ballot; -- particularly, a paper by which are to be placed designated components of information, for which rooms are left vacant; a dull form.
  • A paper containing the compound of a legal instrument, as a deed, release, writ, or execution, with areas kept become filled up with names, time, information, etc.
  • the idea aimed at in a target, marked with a white place; ergo, the item to which such a thing is directed.
  • Aim; shot; range.
  • some sort of base gold cash, first coined in The united kingdomt by Henry V., and really worth about 8 pence; additionally, a French money of seventeenth century, well worth about 4 pence.
  • a bit of steel prepared to be made into one thing by a additional operation, as a coin, screw, nuts.
  • A piece or division of a piece, without spots; since, the "double empty"; the "six empty."
  • to help make void; to annul.
  • To blanch; which will make blank; to wet the spirits of; to dispirit or mistake.

Blank meaning in Fishing Dictionary

this features two definitions. The first definition is used in pole building. It describes a portion of the rod with no pole bands etc. The 2nd meaning is the time most of us have at often, your day when you try not to capture any seafood at all

Blank meaning in Law Dictionary

area left unfilled in a penned document, where more than one words or markings should be placed to complete the good sense. Angle v. Insurance Co., 92 U. S. 337, 23 L. Ed. 556. Also a skeleton or printed form for legal document, where the required and invariable terms are imprinted In their appropriate purchase, with empty spaces left for the insertion of these brands, dates, figures, extra conditions, etc., as might be essential to adapt the tool on certain situation and the design associated with the party deploying it

Blank meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 13c., "white, pale, colorless," from Old French blanc "white, shining," from Frankish *blank "white, gleaming," or some other western Germanic resource (compare Old Norse blakkr, Old English blanca "white horse;" Old High German blanc, blanch; German empty "shining, brilliant"), from Proto-Germanic *blangkaz "to shine, dazzle," extended type of PIE root *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, burn" (see bleach (v.)). Indicating "having vacant spaces" developed c.1400. Feeling of "void of expression" (a blank look) is from 1550s. Spanish blanco, Italian bianco are reported to be from Germanic. Related: Blankly, blankness.

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  • belated 14c. as the name of a small French coin; 1550s as "white area in the center of a target," from exact same origin as empty (adj.). Meaning "empty space" (in a document, etc.) is from c.1570. Meaning "losing lottery admission" (1560s) is behind the appearance draw a blank. The phrase has-been "for decorum's benefit, substituted for a word of execration" [OED] from 1854. From 1896 as short for blank cartridge (itself from 1826).
  • 1540s, "to nonplus, disconcert, shut up;" 1560s, "to frustrate," from empty (adj.). Sports sense of "defeat (another team) without enabling a score" is from 1870. Meaning "to become blank or vacant" is from 1955. Associated: Blanked; blanking.

Blank meaning in Sports Dictionary

The level deck of a skateboard. (recreation: Skateboarding)

Blank meaning in Business Dictionary

bit of material where a part or container is made or machined through additional mechanical businesses.

Blank meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Term accustomed explain nothing, frequently accustomed explain a blank monitor or a monitor without display.

Blank - German to English


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  • empty
  • nude [cable, wire]
  • bright [of eyes]
  • shining
  • shiny
  • sheer
  • stark
  • cash-strapped [coll.]
  • broke [coll.]
  • coatless
  • skint
  • complete

Blank meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of a white or pale shade; without shade.

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  • (a.) without writing, printing, or scars; having an empty space to-be filled in with some special writing; -- stated of inspections, official papers, etc.; as, blank paper; a blank check; a blank ballot.
  • (a.) entirely confounded or discomfited.
  • (a.) Empty; void; without outcome; fruitless; because, a blank area; a blank day.
  • (a.) Lacking faculties which give variety; as, a blank wilderness; a blank wall surface; destitute of interests, affections, hopes, etc.; as, to reside a blank existence; destitute of feelings; as, blank unconsciousness.
  • (a.) Lacking animation and cleverness, or their connected characteristics, as expression of face, appearance, etc.; expressionless; vacant.
  • (a.) Absolute; downright; unmixed; as, blank terror.
  • (n.) Any void area; a void room on paper, or perhaps in any written instrument; an interval void of consciousness, action, outcome, etc; a void.
  • (letter.) Plenty through which nothing is attained; a ticket in a lottery upon which no prize is suggested.
  • (n.) A paper unwritten; a paper without marks or characters a blank ballot; -- especially, a paper by which should be inserted designated items of information, that rooms are left vacant; a bland type.
  • (n.) A paper containing the substance of a legal tool, as a deed, launch, writ, or execution, with rooms left to-be filled with brands, date, descriptions, etc.
  • (n.) The point aimed at in a target, marked with a white place; ergo, the thing to which everything is directed.
  • (letter.) Aim; chance; range.
  • (letter.) A kind of base silver cash, very first coined in England by Henry V., and worth about 8 pence; also, a French coin associated with the seventeenth century, well worth about 4 pence.
  • (n.) A piece of metal willing to be made into something by another procedure, as a coin, screw, peanuts.
  • (letter.) An item or unit of a piece, without places; as, the "double blank"; the "six blank."
  • (v. t.) Which will make void; to annul.
  • (v. t.) To blanch; which will make blank; to wet the spirits of; to dispirit or confuse.

Sentence Examples with the word Blank

He was met with a blank stare but kept going.

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