What does Blanching mean?

Blanching meaning in Urban Dictionary

Cumming inside an elderly woman; leaving a cream pie. Known as therefore because of Blanch from Golden women.

Blanching meaning in Cooking Dictionary

quickly boiling meals in liquid or hot fat; usually used due to the fact first part of a combination cooking method, particularly to eliminate peels from fruits or vegetables

Blanching meaning in General Dictionary

of Blanch

Blanching meaning in Body Language Dictionary

if the area of this human body or face appears white.  It is because of the presence of acutely scared circumstances that creates a flight or fight response attracting bloodstream from the periphery and diverting it into significant muscles when you look at the core of human body.  It is the body’s option to prepare to escape or attach an aggressive challenge.

Blanching meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Blanch