What does Blanchard Oklahoma mean?

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A Small city in Central Oklahoma, just 15 minutes from, known, Norman, Oklahoma (residence of OU). I have resided here for 18 years, grew up right here. Its those types of towns where we all know everyone, virtually, and their details, and their particular past. Its a quickly developing town, but nevertheless only 2 stop lights. It has a subway, and sonic, alongside compared to the household had restaraunts thats about it. Its a charming place to stay, together with schools are nice and tiny. Though because everyone knows eveyrone, the instructors do not simply take work that really serious, and some have now been fired for having affairs, and or, resting with a high schoolers.(like i said, everybody knows everybody else). Though it is just a tiny city containing one grocery store, and 2 gasoline stations. It has appr. 8 churches. Truly in their faith (tho the kids tend to be awfully rambunxious) i might never ever phone everywhere but here my home town. Even tho im staying in korea for 2 years (spouse in the army). which my home.