What does Bladder mean?

Bladder meaning in General Dictionary

To swell out like a bladder with atmosphere to inflate

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  • a distensible membranous sac (usually containing fluid or gasoline)
  • a bag that fills with air
  • A bag or sac in animals, which functions as the receptacle of some liquid; as, the urinary bladder; the gall kidney; -- applied specially towards urinary kidney, either inside the pet, or when taken out and inflated with air.
  • Any vesicle or blister, particularly when filled up with environment, or a slim, watery substance.
  • A distended, membranaceous pericarp.
  • something inflated, vacant, or unsound.
  • To enlarge aside like a bladder with atmosphere; to inflate.
  • To put up in bladders; since, bladdered lard.

Bladder meaning in Medical Dictionary

A hollow organ into the reduced abdomen that shops urine. The kidneys filter waste through the bloodstream and create urine, which enters the bladder through two pipes, called ureters. Urine makes the kidney through another tube, the urethra. In females, the urethra is a short tube that opens only at the vagina. In men, it is longer, passing through the prostate gland then the penis. Also called urinary kidney and vesical.

Bladder meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English bl

Bladder meaning in Sexual Dictionary

the organ that temporarily shops a substance. Widely used in mention of the the urinary kidney, which holds urine until it is eradicated.

Bladder meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A bag or sac in pets, which serves as the receptacle of some liquid; since, the urinary kidney; the gall kidney; -- used particularly toward urinary kidney, either within the pet, or whenever removed and inflated with atmosphere.

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  • (n.) Any vesicle or blister, especially if filled with atmosphere, or a thin, watery fluid.
  • (n.) A distended, membranaceous pericarp.
  • (n.) such a thing inflated, empty, or unsound.
  • (v. t.) To enlarge down like a bladder with environment; to inflate.
  • (v. t.) To put on in bladders; since, bladdered lard.

Sentence Examples with the word Bladder

In the bladder it remains for three years before attaining maturity.

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