What does Blackout mean?

Blackout meaning in General Dictionary

a suspension of radio or tv broadcasting

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  • darkness caused by the extinction of lights (as in a city hidden to adversary aircraft)
  • a momentary reduced awareness
  • the failure of energy for a broad region
  • partial or total losing memory

Blackout meaning in Computer Dictionary

A term familiar with explain any scenario if you find no energy. Whenever a blackout occurs the house, company, or school does not have any energy, which in turn causes any computer system or other unit without a battery or generator backup to avoid working.

Blackout meaning in Law Dictionary

1. whenever commercial power is lost over a sizable location. 2. a stopping of task over a period of time.

Blackout meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also black-out, 1908 inside theatrical sense of a darkened phase, from black + out. Figurative sense of "loss of memory" is 1934 (verb and noun); as a dousing of lights as an air raid precaution, its recorded from 1935. Verbal expression black out, in mention of printed or written matter considered objectionable and covered in black colored ink, is attested from 1888.

Blackout meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Complete loss of commercial electric power, enduring all day or days over a large geographical location. 2. Total cessation of an activity for a period.

Blackout meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

as an alternative called a power outage, a blackout is a phrase accustomed explain any situation when there is no power. Whenever a blackout occurs your home, office, or college doesn't have power, that causes any computer system or other product without a battery or generator backup to stop working.

Blackout - German to English

When The Bough Breaks [Jonathan Kellerman]

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  • blackout [temporary reduced consciousness]

Sentence Examples with the word Blackout

We received one piece of good news during our blackout period.

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