What does Blacklist mean?

Blacklist meaning in General Dictionary

to include a black list as deserving of suspicion censure or punishment esp to set up a summary of persons stigmatized as insolvent or untrustworthy as tradesmen and businesses do for mutual security as to blacklist a workman who has been released See Black list under Ebony a

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  • apply a blacklist so as to banish or reason to be boycotted
  • a listing of people who are regarding favor
  • To put in a black colored listing as worth suspicion, censure, or discipline; esp. to include a summary of people stigmatized as insolvent or untrustworthy, -- as tradesmen and businesses do for shared protection; as, to blacklist a workman who has been released. See Black listing, under Black, a.

Blacklist meaning in Law Dictionary

a summary of people that are to-be prevented for one explanation or another.

Blacklist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally black-list, black colored number, "list of people who have sustained suspicion," 1610s, from black (adj.), here indicative of disgrace, censure, punishment (attested from 1590s, in black book) + number (n.). Specifically of businesses' a number of workers considered troublesome (usually for union activity) is from 1888. As a verb, from 1718. Relevant: Blacklisted; blacklisting.

Blacklist meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A blacklist is a phrase regularly explain a summary of bad email details or online sites providers that junk e-mail a person or business. Blacklists tend to be setup to help avoid SPAM from entering a user's inbox. To get taken off a blacklist, contact the company or individual accountable for keeping the blacklist.

Blacklist meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

A blacklist is directory of products, including usernames or IP details, which can be rejected usage of a particular system or protocol. When a blacklist is used for access control, all entities are permitted access, except those listed in the blacklist. The opposite of a blacklist is a whitelist, which denies accessibility all items, except those included in the number. Blacklists have actually several programs in computing:

Sentence Examples with the word Blacklist

Fine. Don't come whining to me if they blacklist you.

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