What does Blackhead mean?

Blackhead meaning in General Dictionary

The scaup-duck

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  • a black-tipped plug clogging a pore of the skin
  • The scaup duck.

Blackhead meaning in Medical Dictionary

A familiar term for just what is clinically called an open comedo. A comedo, the primary indication of zits, consists of a widened tresses hair follicle filled with skin dirt, bacteria, and oil called sebum. A blackhead has a wide orifice toward epidermis and is capped with a blackened size of skin debris. On the other hand, a closed comedo, commonly known as a whitehead, has an obstructed orifice on epidermis and can even rupture resulting in a low-grade epidermis inflammatory effect in your community.

Blackhead meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"comedo," 1837, from black colored (adj.) + head (n.). So-called for its appearance.

Blackhead meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The scaup duck.