What does Black plague mean?

Black plague meaning in Medical Dictionary

In 14th-century Europe, the sufferers regarding the "black plague" had hemorrhaging below the epidermis (subcutaneous hemorrhage) which made darkened ("blackened") their bodies. Black plague may cause "black demise" described as gangrene of fingers, feet, and nostrils. Black plague is brought on by a bacterium (Yersinia pestis) which can be sent to humans from contaminated rats because of the oriental rat flea.

Black plague meaning in General Dictionary

the epidemic type of bubonic plague experienced throughout the Middle Ages when it killed almost half the folks of western European countries

Sentence Examples with the word Black plague

If it worked-- and I don't know if it did-- you'd see something like the black plague in Europe, only it wouldn't kill people, just turn them into vamps, Iggy said.

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