What does Black pepper mean?

Black pepper meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Green, white, and black peppercorns all originate from the berries associated with the Piper nigrum plant; black peppercorns are the strongest for the three varieties. Pre-ground black colored pepper is sold is sold cracked and coarsely or carefully floor, but loses its flavor rapidly and should be kept in a very good dark location for no more than three months. Freshly ground black pepper is far exceptional.

Black pepper meaning in General Dictionary

climber having dark red berries (peppercorns) whenever fully ready; southern Asia and Sri Lanka; naturalized in north Burma and Assam

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  • pepper that's surface from entire peppercorns with husks on

Sentence Examples with the word Black pepper

There are also found the black pepper plant (Piper Clusii), a climbing plant abundant in the mountain districts; the grains of paradise or melegueta pepper plant (Amomum Melegueta) and other Amomums whose fruits are prized.

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