What does Black eye mean?

Black eye meaning in Medical Dictionary

Bruising associated with the eyelid and/or the area around the eye as a result of upheaval towards eye. Colloquially generally a shiner.

Black eye meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"discoloration across the eye from injury" c.1600, from black (adj.) + attention (n.). Figurative sense of "injury to pleasure, rebuff" is through 1744; that "bad reputation" is from 1880s. In mention of the dark eyes, often as a mark of beauty, from 1660s. Black-eyed, of peas, attested from 1728. The black-eyed Susan as a flower (various species) so called from 1881, for the appearance. Moreover it had been the title of a poem by John Gay (1685-1732), which led to a favorite Brit phase play of the identical title inside mid-19c. All in the Downs the fleet had been moored, The streamers waving when you look at the wind, Whenever black-eyed Susan emerged aboard, "Oh! where shall I my true-love find? Let me know, ye jovial sailors, tell me real, If my sweet-william sails one of the crew?"

Black eye meaning in General Dictionary

a negative reputation

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  • a swollen bruise brought on by a blow to your eye
  • a regrettable occurring that hinders or impedes; something that is thwarting or frustrating

Sentence Examples with the word Black eye

As she watched, the black eye and bruised cheek healed themselves.

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