What does Black box mean?

Black box meaning in General Dictionary

any electronic tool or section of an instrument whose function is defined but which is treated as a unit without consideration associated with the inner mechanisms broadly any device whoever interior workings are believed as incomprehensible or mystical by the individual concerning treat the meter as a black package and simply take its readings on trust

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  • gear that registers information about the overall performance of an aircraft during trip

Black box meaning in Law Dictionary

ny unit whose inputs and outputs are known not really. The procedure may possibly not be fully recognized or known due to a confidentiality need. Reference white box.

Black box meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1947, RAF slang for "navigational instruments;" later extended to any sort of apparatus that operates in a sealed container. Particularly of trip recorders from c.1964.

Black box meaning in Business Dictionary

product, procedure, or system, whoever inputs and outputs (therefore the relationships among them) tend to be known, but whose interior construction or doing work is (1) not well, or at all, grasped, (2) not required becoming comprehended to do the job or function accessible, or (3) perhaps not allowed to be understood due to the private nature. See also white package.

Black box meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

unit commonly used during the early 1970's, a black colored field, is an evaluation strategy where specific evaluating the program examines the feedback and outputs associated with system. This individual doesn't have to know about the inner functions of program, just a simple understanding of the way the program actively works to make sure the program features correctly.

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black box

Sentence Examples with the word Black box

In 1679 Charles denied, in council, his supposed marriage with Lucy Walter, Monmouth's mother, his declarations being published in 1680 to refute the legend of the black box which was supposed to contain the contract of marriage, and told Burnet he would rather see him hanged than legitimize him.

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