What does Black Friday mean?

Black Friday meaning in General Dictionary

Any Friday where a general public catastrophe features happened as In The united kingdomt December 6 1745 when the development of the landing associated with Pretender achieved London or May 11 1866 when an economic anxiety commenced in america September 24 1869 and September 18 1873 by which monetary panics started

Black Friday meaning in Law Dictionary

The date September 24, 1869 whenever investors attempted to corner the gold marketplace. This started a panic and a depression resulted.

Black Friday meaning in Business Dictionary

The day after Thanksgiving Day that indicators the start of the Christmas shopping period. Retailers start the summer season by offering deep discounts on products for the people buyers fortunate to obtain the restricted offer. Physical stores traditionally available much earlier than normal business hours, including a couple of at 12:00 was midnight. Recently, ecommerce internet sites have begun offering discounts and free shipping on Black Friday, including created their very own shopping visit to Cyber Monday.

Black Friday - German to English

Ebony Friday [shopping] [Am.]