What does Black Flag mean?

Black Flag meaning in Sports Dictionary

organized aided by the driver's quantity upon it to allow him know that he must stop racing and go into the pits. (recreation: Stock Car rushing)

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  • shown with several indicating that vessel must withdraw from race. (recreation: Powerboat rushing)
  • Marked with lots. Signals that the driver thereupon number must take a look at the pit immediately. (recreation: Formula One)
  • Displays the number of the motorist who's becoming asked to go out of the track. (sport: Rallycross)

Black Flag meaning in General Dictionary

a banner usually bearing a white skull and crossbones on a black colored back ground; suggests a pirate ship

Black Flag meaning in Symbols Dictionary

The black banner, additionally the shade black generally, are related to anarchism because the 1880s. Many anarchist collectives support the term "black" in their names. There were a number of anarchist periodicals entitled Black Flag.

Sentence Examples with the word Black Flag

Liu Yung-fu, the notorious Black Flag general, and the back-bone of the resistance, sought refuge in flight.

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