What does Black Beaner mean?

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An offensive pejorative term for a decreased class Cuban or an individual who is acting like one. Is the proven fact that Cubans always eat black colored beans. Such Cubans may stink of ass gasoline. If they do, it is possible to hear all of them coming before you see them since they usually fart a great deal. They reveal minimum course as they are usually rude and obnoxious. They have been really noisy and want to draw attention to themselves. They frequently have quite bad health. They numerous perhaps not use deodorant and could put on ratty clothes. Frequently these are generally really narrow-minded and very opinionated. You cannot reason together. Some might argue justifiably they have little intellect or are only plain stupid. They often times are condescending towards various other Latin Us citizens, non-whites and non-Americans neglecting the fact that these are typically immigrants on their own with diverse racial backgrounds. In fact, the white Cubans see on their own as a lot better than the non-white Cubans generally. Their particular arrogance usually leads all of them to trust improperly that somehow these are generally much better than others.They hate it whenever non-Cubans understand something that they don't really know as it makes them feel less educated and exceptional. Because quite a few are way too sluggish for a qualification, they knock-down people who have one convinced that they are able to easily step into a person's task and take action because they are Cuban.They additionally hate it when someone can speak Spanish better than they could especially if they may not be Cuban but from some other Spanish-speaking nation. It defies their particular airs of superiority.