What does Bitten mean?

Bitten meaning in General Dictionary

Terminating suddenly as if bitten down premorse

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  • p p of Bite
  • of Bite
  • p. p. of chew.
  • Terminating suddenly, like bitten off; premorse.

Bitten meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Bitten meaning in Etymology Dictionary

past participle of bite.

Bitten - German to English

to charm [request for help, help]

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  • to inquire of
  • to beg
  • to bid [ask, beg]
  • to entreat
  • to plead [beg, entreat]
  • to request
  • pleading
  • petitions
  • requests

Bitten meaning in General Dictionary

(p. p.) of Bite

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  • p. p. of Bite.
  • (a.) Terminating abruptly, like bitten down; premorse.

Sentence Examples with the word Bitten

What total fan girl doesn't want to be bitten by her idol.

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