What does Bita Bita Bita mean?

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some body we research to because i've absolutely no life whatsoever.She's a god.She's amazing.I have no life. Bita is an individual who is very breathtaking inside and outside. A person who is obviously indeed there to talk to. One of many sweetest individuals you will previously meet. A Bita has a gorgeous face and character. They've been really great buddies and true lovers. Should you ever get fortunate enough for your self a Bita, you better hold on tight. A Bita is a goddess, with massive tits a pleasant booty and a hot human anatomy. Bita's are good during intercourse. General Bita's are wonderful men and women. They are also extremely painful and sensitive and don't trust effortlessly but once you make there trust they will be certain to inform you everything. Bita's tend to be dedicated soul mates and great lovers. They have been unique and lovable. An individual who copies down another person. Somebody without life. Someone who seems it nessesary to copy and not be themself.