What does BitTorrent mean?

BitTorrent meaning in Etymology Dictionary

peer-to-peer file revealing protocol, implemented in 2001, from little bit (n.2) within the processing sense + torrent.

BitTorrent meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

as an alternative described as a torrent a BitTorrent is a file sharing system introduced by Bram Cohen on July 2, 2001 that shares data between all consumers currently having the file and consistently share the file to their computer. The thing that makes bitTorrent successful is it shares the data between all users, this means if file is popular, the data transfer will probably boost and won't overload or stop the down load because way too many users want to have the file simultaneously.

BitTorrent meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol built to reduce steadily the bandwidth required to move data. It can this by distributing file transfers across numerous systems, therefore lessening the average data transfer utilized by each computer. For example, if a user starts downloading a movie file, the BitTorrent system will locate numerous computers with the same file and commence downloading the file from a number of computer systems at the same time. Since many ISPs offer considerably faster down load rates than publish speeds, getting from numerous computer systems can significantly raise the file transfer price. So that you can utilize the BitTorrent protocol, you will need a BitTorrent customer, which is an application system that accesses the BitTorrent system. The client program lets you find files and begin getting torrents, that are in-progress packages. Most BitTorrent customers enable you to resume torrents that have been paused or stopped. This can be especially helpful when getting big data. For a list of BitTorrent clients, see the .TORRENT file expansion entry.