What does Bismarck mean?

Bismarck meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"drink of wine and stout" (also called a black colored velvet), 1910, known as for German chancellor (1815-1898), who was believed to have-been partial to it. The surname is considered quick for Biscofsmark "bishop's boundary."

Bismarck meaning in General Dictionary

German statesman under whoever management Germany had been united (1815-1898)

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  • capital of condition of North Dakota; situated in south main North Dakota overlooking the Missouri lake

Bismarck - German to English

Bismarck [Otto von Bismarck; in addition battleship]

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  • Bismarck herring

Sentence Examples with the word Bismarck

These utterances are eminently characteristic. They show how far Bismarck was (even at the close of 1870) from comprehending the traditional policy of the papacy towards Germany and German interests, and how little he conceived it possible to employ the relations between the future empire and the Vatican as a point of departure for a successful and consistent ecclesiastical policy.

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