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the symbol of marrige. the "goodess" equivalent to a saint; quite yet charming, powerful love and certainly will and at heart. The storyline of her marrige became a romantic legend. She had countless sons and daughters. She is believed to have died as so named "Juliet" performed, compromising her life toward her spouse. this woman not just is really appealing as in the design wise(thick into the chest, hips, butt, feet, thin waist), reduced, no kids, independent, great cook, cleans youre location without even asking just provides, clean, having a lot in common thereupon woman, enjoyable, outgoing, sweet, nice, devoted, faithful, truthful, great in bed in all aspects, playful, pays attention, respectful, has her own spot, has her very own vehicle, good having to pay job, informed, communications on point, the lady you'll quit becoming a person and place that ring on the finger.