What does Biron mean?

Biron meaning in Urban Dictionary

V: To rape, mutilate, massacre, or even to defile, which must end up in demise. To molest somebody smaller or maybe more substandard than your self. To produce prominence by pushing one's genetalia on another creature. Stated creature that is molested need not be human, will be your buddies gerbil, your next-door neighbors cat, your girlfriends mom, etc. Punishable by death in a court of legislation.

Biron meaning in Names Dictionary

Surname used as a given title. Biron was title of a character in Shakespeare's Loves Labours Lost.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Sentence Examples with the word Biron

Lafayette was to march against Namur, Biron against Mons, and Dillon against Tournay.

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