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Birkenhead is a shit hole city, Across the River Mersey from Liverpool. The folks of Birkenhead would be the Chavs of Chavs, alcoholic, crackheads, wanna be gangsters therefore known as hard males, compensate the tiny inbred population. Getting pregnant at 14 by the boyfriend of 28 which happens to be a mate of one's father is perfectly normal, and part of Birkenhead culture. Birkenhead women have huge tits and some are profoundly attractive if some tarty or chavtastic. A very good time in Birkenhead is consuming cider outside Mac Donalds on a Saturday evening, accompanied by a punch up-and shagging a underaged girls behind Asda.

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The entrances to the Birkenhead Docks are capable of docking the largest class of steamers afloat.

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