What does Birdie mean?

Birdie meaning in General Dictionary

a fairly or dear little bird a pet name

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  • shoot in a single swing under par
  • (tennis) a score of just one stroke under par on a hole
  • badminton gear composed of a baseball of cork or rubber with a top of feathers
  • a fairly or dear small bird; -- a pet name.

Birdie meaning in Names Dictionary

modern name meaning minimal bird; birdlike.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

Birdie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"little bird," 1792, from bird (n.1) + -ie. As tennis slang for "a hole played one under par," by 1908, perhaps from bird (letter.) in United states English slang sense of "exceptionally smart or accomplished person or thing" (1839).

Birdie meaning in Sports Dictionary

A score of just one under par on any given opening. For instance, if a new player takes three shots to complete a par four, then he features taped a birdie. (sport: Golf)

Birdie - German to English

birdie [golf]

Birdie meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A fairly or dear small bird; -- a pet name.

Sentence Examples with the word Birdie

But Birdie was so busy all day, trotting about the house and garden, that he was always ready for HIS nest at night, before the birds and flowers had thought of seeking THEIRS; and so it came to pass that when Mr. Sun raised his head above the green woods and smiled lovingly upon the earth, Birdie was often the first to see him, and to smile back at him, all the while rubbing his eyes with his dimpled fists, until between smiling and rubbing, he was wide awake.

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