What does Biotin mean?

Biotin meaning in General Dictionary

a B supplement C10H16N2O3S that helps with human anatomy growth labeled as additionally vitamin H and coenzyme roentgen It works as a coenzyme in a lot of carboxylation reactions

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  • a-b supplement that helps with body growth

Biotin meaning in Medical Dictionary

A water-soluble B-complex vitamin involved in carbon dioxide transfer and therefore essential to the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat. A balanced diet usually contains enough biotin. Foods with high biotin levels include nuts, cereals, green leafy vegetables and milk. Biotin deficiency, which is characterized by hair loss and a scaly red rash, can occur with prolonged intravenous feeding or the frequent consumption of raw egg whites which contain a biotin antagonist called avidin. Biotin supplementation is recommended during pregnancy because the biotin requirement rises during pregnancy and a substantial number of pregnant women become biotin depleted. Extra biotin is also needed during long-term anticonvulsant treatment which depletes biotin.

Biotin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

vitamin associated with B team (in addition occasionally known as supplement H) necessary for the development of yeast, 1936, from German Biotin (1936), from Greek biotos "life" (see bio-) + chemical suffix -in (2).

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