What does Biotechnology mean?

Biotechnology meaning in General Dictionary

same as bioengineering

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  • the branch of molecular biology that scientific studies using microorganisms to execute certain manufacturing procedures
  • the part of manufacturing research which biological research is used to analyze the connection between workers and their conditions

Biotechnology meaning in Medical Dictionary

The fusion of biology and technology, the application of biological processes to device analysis and development. In particular, biotechnology requires the usage by industry of recombinant DNA, cell fusion, and new bioprocessing processes to produce big particles useful in dealing with and stopping condition. Slang biotech.

Biotechnology meaning in Law Dictionary

utilizing biolog in order to make commercial copies of naturally occuring substances through the organisms that made all of them. Genetic manufacturing is merely one of these of this technology.

Biotechnology meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition bio-technology, 1947, "use of machinery pertaining to person requirements;" 1972 in feeling of "use of biological processes in industrial manufacturing," from bio- + technology.

Biotechnology meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The branch of technology that deals with applying biology and manufacturing towards the research of plants and animals.

Biotechnology meaning in Business Dictionary

Application of biology to make commercial enzymes, enhanced plants and creatures, drugs, pesticides, etc., from living organisms or their parts. Genetic engineering is an unique application of biotechnology where genetic (hereditary) product of a plant or pet is customized (at the molecular degree) to make more desirable attributes.