What does Biopsy mean?

Biopsy meaning in Medical Dictionary

removing an example of structure for evaluation under a microscope to check for disease cells or any other abnormalities.

Biopsy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1895, from French biopsie, created by French dermatologist Ernest Besnier (1831-1909) from Greek bi- comb. kind of bios "life" (see bio-) + opsis "a sight" (see attention (n.)). As a verb, from 1964.

Biopsy meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The process of removing tissue to examine it, frequently for health explanations.

Biopsy meaning in General Dictionary

study of areas or liquids through the living body to determine the presence or reason for an illness

Sentence Examples with the word Biopsy

Antecedent poliomyelitis was demonstrated in all patients by electromyography or muscle biopsy or both.

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