What does Biofeedback mean?

Biofeedback meaning in General Dictionary

an exercise program which one is given information regarding physiological procedures heart rate or hypertension that is not generally offered with all the aim of gaining conscious control of them

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  • an exercise system which you were offered details about physiological processes (heart rate or blood pressure levels) which is not typically offered utilizing the aim of gaining conscious control over them

Biofeedback meaning in Medical Dictionary

an approach of therapy that utilizes a monitor determine clients' physiologic information which they've been generally unaware. By watching a monitor, customers can learn by learning from your errors to modify their thinking as well as other emotional procedures to get a grip on 'involuntary' actual procedures like blood circulation pressure, heat, intestinal functioning, and mind wave activity. Biofeedback is regularly treat a multitude of problems and diseases, including anxiety, alcoholic beverages alongside addictions, problems with sleep, epilepsy, respiratory issues, fecal and bladder control problems, muscle mass spasms, limited paralysis, muscle disorder caused by damage, migraines, hypertension, and multiple blood-vessel problems, including Raynaud's sensation.

Biofeedback meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally bio-feedback, 1969, from bio- + feedback. Thought to happen created by U.S. psychologist and parapsychologist Gardner Murphy (1890-1975).

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