What does Bio- mean?

Bio- meaning in Medical Dictionary

Prefix indicating lifestyle plants or animals, such as biology (the study of lifestyle organisms).

Bio- meaning in Etymology Dictionary

word-forming factor, from Greek bio-, brush. as a type of bios "one's life, training course or approach to life, lifetime" (unlike zoe "animal life, organic life"), from PIE root *gweie- (1) "to call home" (cognates: Sanskrit jivah "alive, living;" Old Persian *jivaka- "alive," center Persian zhiwak "alive;" Old English cwic, cwicu "living, alive;" Latin vivus "living, alive," vita "life;" Old Church Slavonic zivo "to call home;" Lithuanian gyvas "living, live," gyvata "(eternal) life;" Old Irish bethu "life," bith "age;" Welsh byd "world"). The best consumption is the fact that in biography, but in modern-day research it was extended to mean "organic life."

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