What does Binny mean?

Binny meaning in General Dictionary

a big species of barbel Barbus bynni found in the Nile and much esteemed for food

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  • A large types of barbel (Barbus bynni), based in the Nile, and far esteemed for meals.

Binny meaning in Names Dictionary

Kind Of Bianca. White.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

Binny meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A big types of barbel (Barbus bynni), found in the Nile, and much esteemed for meals.

Sentence Examples with the word Binny

Most of the hills and crags in the Carboniferous area are volcanic, and many of them - such as the castle rocks of Edinburgh and Stirling, Binny Craig in Linlithgowshire, North Berwick Law and the Bass Rock - mark the sites of actual events of eruption.

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