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A typo of this name Billy within the NES game, "Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones". Constant, mindless, pointless blabbering This term is founded on a personality portrayed by a monkey in suspended trousers within the 1950s tv series "Howdy Doody"; This monkeys' name is "Mr. Bim" within series.The man descript of Mr. Bim is a relation into the anatomical construct of a toy of "Mr. Brim" that has a hideous unovelesque grody plastic face and hairy apeish human body like this of a real monkey. Brings united states towards the word "Bimmy"; A human with similar or specific anatomical top features of an ape or monkey-e.g. exagerated limbs, hairy or "plushy" areas of the body, fake appearance as a "human" and a mind to hoard bananas. Lackey/scrub/low amount worker/jerk-off/white trash scum bag, usually refering to upkeep or janitorial kind worker.