What does Bim City Boys mean?

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The Bim City Boys are band of fellows from Unionville, Pennsylvania location. They do cool shit like trip dust bicycles, smoke weed, drink alcohol, shoot skeet with shotguns, drive around in raised vehicles and fast automobiles and are smarter than your normal fuck. They pay attention to rap songs and also have a broad disregard for police force. They usually have an all-natural destination to pretty girls and adrenaline, cliff bouncing and line swings are typical summertime attractions. They all smoke cigarettes weed like an Olympic gold medal staff. They have ideal roll online game when you look at the Tri-state location. Along side just the best cup pieces from brand name blowers, there is also a volcano vaporizer. Essentially they LIVE THAT LIFESTYLE. Various other passions include specialty rolls of sushi and Longwood family restaurant.