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Mr. Billy Gallagher is amongst the best men to grace the hallways of Frontier senior high school. His class brings men and women alike to the stage of tears and his slicked black locks is stunning adequate to have students and educators alike to bow down and kiss their polished Nike shoes. People (teachers) have actually tried to be because great as Mr. Billy Gallagher, but failed epically. Their plaid shirts remind pupils of a well curved guy whom, privately, inspires to be a follower of Saved because of the Bell fan cult. Occasionally if you pay attention difficult adequate, you can easily hear the gods weeping as Mr. Billy Gallagher shows his swarm of kiddies the ever growing idea of Mathmatics. Brian Peppers, once was quoted saying, "That Mr. Gallagher man, total hottie, I would be their pupil any day's the few days. :)"