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to position see your face between two huge breasts shake your head and blow, leading to the popular Bill and Ben get term "flobberdobberdobberdobber" Two identical Flowerpot guys which came out of the flowerpots to relax and play along with their sunflower mate Weed inside yard if the gardener moved for his supper. Cause these were identical one of them will make a accident plus the watchers must imagine which of these done it. Bill and Ben would ultimately shit their selves and knee it back again to their particular flowerpots when they heard the footsteps of gardener. Bill and Ben additionally had their own unintelligible language labeled as "oddle poddle". For instance "flobado" intended "hello". This language was considered hugely well-known many obsessed followers make use of it as his or her very first lanuage, they think it is very difficult to make it through life.